Thursday July 02 2020 01:54 PM
Procurement Services
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Tobylink works together with select clients to manage the supply chain by developing customized procurement services. From Low Value Agreements to complete Project Management, Tobylink has the experience, expertise and financial capability to help our growing band of international customers in arriving at economic solutions to procurement problems.

The combination of experience, expertise and commitment to quality and service, allied to the considerable financial strength, provides Tobylink with a formidable capability for providing a comprehensive range of products and services at competitive rates. From the considerable inventory and the extensive database of Quality Assured suppliers, Tobylink can supply the entire range of products for all Communications, drilling, exploration, production and transportation operations in the oil and gas industry.

What does Tobylink offer you?

  • Effective supply chain management
  • Rapid response
  • Financial strength
  • E-Business capability
  • International network of clients and suppliers
  • Extensive inventory / wide product range
  • Online catalogue
  • Proven outsourcing experience
  • Recognized international accreditation
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