Thursday February 27 2020 05:33 PM

We are an equal opportunity employer. We have a culture of excellence which drives our hiring process. We not just look for the most qualified candidate, we also make sure that they fit into the culture we have established.

Due to our tremendous growth, we accept resumes at all times even when there are no immediate openings. You can forward your resumes to In the event that an opening arises, we will give considerations first to the resumes on file before posting the position on our website.

Please select one of the following:
  • Candidate must have a Bachelors degree, preferably in engineering, science, and mathematics, or similar field.
  • Documentable 2 years of experience in the administrative field will be very beneficial.
  • Must address our area of telecommunication business technology.
  • Salary: $51,022 per year.
  • Submit application to or 10055 Belknap Road, Suite 124, Sugar Land, TX 77498.
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