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Single Point of Accountability:-
From the smallest connector to the largest earth station; we are your single source solution. Our expertise lies in procuring and delivering this equipment with accuracy and ease. The strong relationships that we have built with our suppliers entitle us to the latest technologies; we are a well connected group with a powerful Information Backend. You'll have a primary contact that handles your account, but in the event that they are not available, our company is designed to service our customers from a team approach. Any one of us can assist you and all your information is at our finger tips. Like our customers, our business is network centric.

Professional Comprehensive Logistics Management:-
Tobylink join alliance with Foresight Express Inc. and Foresight Forwarders to consolidate shipping to every corner of the globe on a daily basis. We are set up to handle the most complicated shipping transactions with grace and ease. From Envelopes to Containers, Air to Sea, Tobylink also specializes in getting packages from anywhere to everywhere in record breaking time, or sometimes just in the most cost-effective way possible. Our large shipping volumes earn us large shipping discounts which we pass on to our clients.

  • Bundling - we bundle products from multiple manufacturers and make a single shipment directly to your location or work site; your inventory can be processed at one of our facilities and bundled with other products to be included in a single shipment.
  • Kitting - we consolidate products from different manufacturers into one kit with a single part number, including labeling, instructions, and a parts list. This simplifies repetitive ordering by subcontractors or your own personnel, reduces errors, and ensures all needed components are on site.
Just On Time Delivery (OTD) -
we work with manufacturer and logistics partners to arrange scheduled, on time deliveries to your site. Shipment from our regional warehouses minimizes transit time so everything arrives together, on time. Crews meet work schedules without costly delays, and you save on costs associated with supply chain management.

Network Deployment:-
Tobylink is the definitive choice for large network deployments. We document, manage and support the hardware requirements for large networks. Programs like "Spare in the Air" and our online knowledge base and training programs result in better affiliate service and network uptime. Furthermore, our robust in house Information capabilities automatically document and track a lot of information that would other wise is "filed". Our solutions improve service and reduce costs at the same time.

Pre-Configuration, Test, and Repair:-
We routinely reconfigure and test our client’s equipment before it leaves. In some cases this involves a 24 burn in and lives satellite lock. In other cases it is simply a bench test. Our approach ensures things are working as planned when they arrive. We also help our clients repair anything, even if they did not buy it from us. Tobylink can repair or arrange for the repair of most equipment.

Tobylink’s extensive experience and engineering resources make it possible for us to identify, design and implement the most effective and economical turnkey solutions based on a combination of the latest technologies. With our world-wide presence, Tobylink is able to provide the highest level of pre-sale consulting and post-sale engineering support to our customers.

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