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Tobylink Impressions Inc. is a world leading Procurement, Distributor, Reseller and trusted supplier of VSAT Satellite Communications Equipment, Electrical and Electronics wire & cable. We also specialized in Connectivity Hardware & Software, Remote site Equipments, Marine and Air band Electronics, Ship Alerts Systems, PABX, Voice and IP Networks, Security and Surveillance Applications, Fire Equipments and CATV. We partner with major System Integrator in the oil and gas sectors of the Gulf of Guinea and surrounding Countries to distribute complete solutions to the region.

We sell single parts and components, as well as engineer, integrate, install and support complete turn-key solutions. As a worldwide distributor and reseller of complete networking solutions, wireless and wired, we are oriented towards making purchase, installation and commissioning of Satellite Communications Hardware easier and more affordable.

Tobylink distributes commercial wireless communications and related equipments, which serve cellular and radio communications dealers, wireless communications carriers and self-maintained end users of communications systems. In addition, we provides its customers with power systems solutions for emergency backup, alternative energy sources, or out-of-grid power requirements.

Since its inception in 2002, Tobylink Impressions Inc remains at the forefront of the global technology marketplace, bringing the latest products and services to the market and finding new ways to offer value to our customers. Tobylink reseller network is serving markets worldwide.

We are proud of our outstanding portfolio of successful wireless and networking deployments in the Gulf of Guinea and surrounding Countries especially Nigeria, North America and Eastern Europe. Tobylink has its head-quarters located in Sugar Land. Texas. USA. We have a distribution and logistic offices in Brookhaven, Pennsylvania. USA.Tobylink have highly trained sales and technical professionals.

Tobylink has been leveraging its core strengths as a value-added distributor and reseller in order to better serve established and new markets. We are committed to providing innovative and reliable products and services, through Technical leadership and support, and an ever-expanding global footprint. We add value to the distribution process by providing customers access to inventory.

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